Mujeres con carros rústicos frente a panadería en Cuba. Foto: Francis Sánchez.

International Women’s Day in Cuba: “Today Could Be a Good Day”

| 09/03/2019

It’s March 8th and they want us to believe that we, Cuban women, have almost everything. But, that’s not true. There’s still a lot to be done in our country for us to achieve real gender equality. Necessary changes can (and should) begin with us. If it’s up to us to play a more active […]

Cochera cuentapropista y otras mujeres cubanas.

And what if we don’t strike?

| 09/03/2019

On the eve of March 8th, International Women’s Day, we had some good news: Alas Tensas, a Cuban feminist magazine, has launched its website. You can now find us here! A large part of what we do or publish ever since we founded the magazine on October 16th 2016 (in print and pdf files), can now be […]

Ileana Álvarez. Photo: Yaudel Estenoz

Discovering and Living Feminism Changed This Cuban’s Life

| 23/02/2019

Ileana Alvarez, founder of the Cuban feminist magazine Alas Tensas (Tense wings) is a hard-working woman who loves what she does. She works at her home in Ciego de Avila and enjoys every moment greatly. Ever since we discovered that she was being harassed by State Security, we have tried to bring this interview to […]

Muchacha en medio de multitud oscura.

Sexual Harassment on Cuba’s Streets: What Can We Do About It?

| 22/02/2019

It’s the morning and I’m walking down a block which generally has very few cars and pedestrians at this time of day. I see a neglected park on my right, as it’s full of rubble, heaps of sand, bags of cement… they’re building something. I carry on, and about 4 meters away from me, a […]

An Animal Protector in Cuba

| 22/02/2019

Diana Cary Angelbello Alvarez (Ciego de Avila, 1987) is an animal protector: “I always thought about having a place where I could collect the animals I would see on the street.” Diana watched a TV documentary about a woman in Colombia who had managed to create an Animal Sanctuary and she told herself: “well, maybe […]

Afibola: Deconstructing the Factory of Fear

| 22/02/2019

It’s night-time. Suspicious eyes roam the streets. Poetry is being read, songs are being sung and there are cries at a new alternative festival “Poesia Sin Fin”, in a corner of Old Havana. We don’t all fit inside the house. The audience gathers outside a door and window to hear verses. Suddenly, when it’s her […]

Why do they want to cut our wings?

| 22/02/2019

Those of us who create the feminist magazine Alas Tensas, have been suffering harassment and systematic attacks over the past two months. They want or need our independent, and self-proclaimed feminist, media platform to disappear, there’s no doubt about it. Like British feminist Mary Beard said in her essay The Public Voice of Women: “It’s […]

Yes I’m a Female Watchmaker, Why Not?

| 22/02/2019

It’s no easy task to fix something here in Cuba. You know you can’t throw anything out because you might need it tomorrow. As days pass by, the spare room or junk drawer fills up. Until the time comes when necessity drives you to try and get something fixed, even though you’ll lose the whole […]

Joven con prenda íntima manchada de sangre.

Periods without Pads in Cuba

| 22/02/2019

Every month, something happens that makes me anxious, stressed and afraid… when my body warns me that this something is on its way, I start looking in cupboards and drawers, I take to the street to ask where the black market retail points are, I turn to friends, I ask my mother if she can […]

Niña dentro de zapato enorme. Illustration: Michel Moro.

“Mini Sweet Fifteens” and Early Gender Violence

| 22/02/2019

It’s sad, but not shocking. Being surprised isn’t really common anymore when you know that the law in Cuba doesn’t sentence a large part of different displays of violence towards women. But, it does hurt. It’s painful to see that this phenomenon is spreading its wings and going down dangerous paths, much more dangerous than […]