Mapa de América y familia reunida.

Immigration: Key questions and answers about the Cuban Family Reunification Program

| 30/09/2022

In May, the US began processing some pending visa applications while announcing the resumption of the Cuban Family Reunification Program.

Exchange market: dollars and euros.

The new Cuban foreign exchange market

| 28/09/2022

The dollar has continued to rise in the informal market. In the first week of September, the dollar reached 150 CUP.

Freedom of expression in Cuba

Human rights: How the new Criminal Code curbs freedom of expression in Cuba

| 27/09/2022

The new Criminal Code legislation, that include too broad and ambiguous terms, limite the freedom of expression in Cuba.

NGO Denounces Machista Attacks on Dissident Cuban Women

| 27/01/2022

“The fears of women activists for their lives and that of their children and family members is an effective mechanism for imposing censorship and removing women from the civic arena.”


Another Cuban Woman Locked Up for Political Activism

| 20/01/2022

Lazara Karenia Gonzalez, a 28-year-old woman, is still being held in detention after taking part in the July 11th protests in Cardenas.

Four Years of Forced Prison Labor for Cuban Protestor

| 01/11/2021

On October 25, 2021 Reyna Yacnara Barreto Batista was sentenced to 4 years of forced prison labor for the supposed crimes of public disorder and assault.

Sisters Threatened with Long Prison Sentences for Protesting

| 06/10/2021

Sisters have been in prison since July 15, 2021, after having taken part in the social uprising on July 11th in Placetas, Villa Clara.

Photography Book by Cuban Artist Gilda Perez

| 25/09/2021

Ediciones inCUBAdora have recently released the ebook Tiempo de fotografía, by Cuban artist Gilda Perez*, as part of its Documenta collection.

Dulce, activista nicaragüense

The “Exiles” Campaign: Scars of the Nicaraguan Crisis

| 01/06/2021

Three years after the crisis in Nicaragua exploded, the “People in Need” organization has unveiled a project they call the “Exiles Campaign”.

“The Cuban government must normalize relations with its citizens, as premise to normalize them with the world”

| 16/02/2021

Those of us who subscribe to this letter are members of different sectors of Cuban society, with different ideologies and political positions, but driven by the same desire for a democratic, prosperous Cuba that respects all rights of all its citizens.